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Want Soup? Lessons from Andy Warhol
Warhol Soup Lessons

Want Soup? Lessons from Andy Warhol

Source: Miren Berasategi Andy Warhol was a leader in pop art and culture. But, what we he know about business? Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art. So with that said, what can we learn? LIVE YOUR ART If you’re not trying to be real, you don’t […]



Source: Truthout.org Wealth is an ambiguous term and can be defined in many contexts. I’m talking about material wealth – possessions or resources. WEALTH IS NOT MONEY   Even though we’re talking about material wealth, material wealth is not money. Money is defined as a medium for exchange. Money is temporary storage for a ‘unit’ of value. Before money […]

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goal setting

A SMART guide to goal setting (a guide that actually works)

GET EMAIL UPDATES FOR ALL OF MY LATEST POSTS HERE Source: Angie Torres You’ve probably heard about how beneficial setting goals is, there are literally hundreds of studies showing that goals can drive positive behavior and help us to achieve the results we want. My guess is that you have some experience with goal setting, maybe you’ve […]

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import business

Exactly how to import products and sell them for a profit

GET EMAIL UPDATES FOR ALL OF MY LATEST POSTS HERE Source: sodaro,k I’m going to detail how I first made money online. Unfortunately, I’m not going to tell you what to import, however, I will show you my process for finding opportunities, developing relationships and marketing. So without further ado…. STEP 1: FINDING A PRODUCT   So […]

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A simple business plan?

GET EMAIL UPDATES FOR ALL OF MY LATEST POSTS HERE Unless you’ve got some super powers, planning (especially long-term planning) is guessing. There are too many outside influence that you simply can’t control – customers, the economy, competitors, technology, etc. So, if planning is guessing, does that mean that planning is useless? Far from it. Before you […]

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psychology of selling

The Psychology of Influence – Six Principles

Source: hikingartist.com Influence is a science. There are a number of psychological triggers that may influence someone. The Six Principles of Influence were created by Robert Cialdini, author of one of my favourite books Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. I give a copy to all my marketing clients as a must read. Cialdini six principles are: 1. Reciprocation: […]

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US bank account outside US

How to open a US bank account (if you live outside the US) and get paid.

Source: Adam Fagen If you are working over the internet, at some point you need some compensation. I like to get paid. Monetary compensation. But sometimes it is hard to get paid if you don’t live in United States. If you’ve done any affiliate marketing – promoting products for Amazon, Clickbank or 1000’s of other companies and live […]

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The Art of Selling With Text

Source: Gerard Stolk Headlines Headlines are super important because: 1. People decide to read an article or not, based on the headline. 2. A strong headline provides a focus to make the article easier to write. If you get stuck with headlines here are two simple formulas to follow: 1. Number + Adjective +  Result  +  Time  “5 easy tricks […]

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best charity

Rich by Giving. Lessons from Matthew Flannery

Source: opensource.com Want some good karma? In 2005 Matthew Flannery founded Kiva.org Kiva.org is a non-profit company that uses the Internet to provide small $25 loan to third world entrepreneurs to start a business. 98.79% of loans are repaid successfully. Well over a 1.2 million people have given loans. And over 1.5 million people have been able to […]

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Core entrepreneurial skills

The 5 Core Entrepreneurial Skills

  Source: StephenMitchell Ideas and systems are great, however they need to be executed. No matter how good your idea is, if you don’t have knowledge and skills in certain technical fields required to run a successful business, chances are that you will fail. Core entrepreneurial skills, can and should be practiced and learnt – or […]

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advertising for startups

Advertising for startups

Source: Wrote When you’re building a business, advertising needs to be budget friendly, easy to set up, easy to measure, and targeted. My basic approach is to use permission marketing and collect an email list. That is, give something valuable away (a report, a trial, a consultation, etc) in exchange for an email address. Keep in […]

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