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Best Hiking Under Wear of 2019

Whether your preferred sport is hiking, mountaineering or trekking, you will agree that the sporting gear you choose to adorn has a huge part to play in your overall participation in your favorite pass time. When it comes to the outdoors, being suited in the right clothing has a great impact not only on your […]

Best Ultralight Tent: 21 Options For Every Budget

Whether you’re an avid backpacker or just starting out in the sport, you’ll quickly realize how essential some tools are and how trivial others might be. Finding the best ultralight tent can be challenging – as you progress further and further into adventure sports that involve toting around backpack gear, the importance of having a […]


Printable USGS Topo Maps for the US [Free]

Want a bunch of free printable USGS topo maps of mainland United States? These topographic maps are super helpful for hiking and camping – you’ll not only be able to see where to go, but also if you’re going up, down, or over flat land. Produced by the National Geospatial Program under the ‘US Topo Quadrangles […]

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